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Cheryl Junker

Bringing 16 years of experience in university tech transfer and intellectual property management, Cheryl Junker, J.D. joined the Dartmouth Tech Transfer Office in March 2020 as a Senior Business Development and Licensing Manager. Cheryl came to Dartmouth from the University of Georgia, where she was recruited to develop a technology transfer program to support the newly-established UGA College of Engineering. She previously worked in the technology transfer offices at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and at North Carolina State University, supporting investigators in a broad range of disciplines as a business development and licensing expert. Cheryl holds a law degree from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, and a bachelor of science in ceramic engineering from Alfred University. 

With particular expertise in the areas of polymer engineering, surface treatments, and medical devices, Cheryl has experience developing creative strategies for commercializing a diverse array of technologies. She especially enjoys the opportunity to shepherd inventors through the patent and start-up company processes and mentoring student inventors. Cheryl is a former NCAA competitive swimmer and proud Alfred Saxon. She enjoys baking and exploring New England with her family.

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