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Dartmouth Delegation attended CERAWeek 2023, World's Premier Energy Conference

About CERAWeek

CERAWeek is a renowned event that brings together leaders from around the world to discuss and develop solutions for the future of energy, environment, and climate. The event provides an integrated framework for understanding the global energy markets, geopolitics, and technology, with the participation of senior executives, government officials, academics, thought leaders, technology innovators, and financial leaders.

The theme of this year's CERAWeek was "Navigating a Turbulent World: Energy, Climate and Security." CERAWeek, now in its 41st year, is backed by S&P Global, a company that specializes in financial data and analysis. The lineup of distinguished speakers comprises individuals such as John Kerry, the former Secretary of State and current special presidential envoy for climate, Jennifer Granholm, the Secretary of Energy, and Daniel Yergin, the Vice Chairman of S&P, who is an expert in the intersection of energy, global politics, and economics. Yergin is a recipient of a Pulitzer Prize and was awarded an honorary degree from Dartmouth in 2016.

Exploring Energy Efficiency and Climate Solutions: Dartmouth College Delegration at CERAWeek Conference

At the CERAWeek conference, three speakers, Dean Alexis Abramson, Professor Mukul Sharma and Professor Erin Mayfield from Dartmouth College participated in different sessions.




Alexis Abramson is a Professor and Dean at the Thayer School of Engineering, and she spoke in the session on Energy Efficiency and Making the Built Environment More Energy Efficient. Mukul Sharma is a Professor of Earth Sciences, and he spoke in two sessions: Oceans and Climate: Innovative solutions and Sequestering Carbon: The Answer is in the Dust. Erin Mayfield, the Hodgson Family Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College in the Thayer School of Engineering, spoke in two sessions: Building Equity and Fairness in Climate Solutions and The Current State of Climate Change.

The delegation, consisting of Don Castle, Director for Industry Engagement (Thayer and TTO), Tammy Heesakker, Sr. Business Development and Licensing Associate (TTO), Angie Hofmann, Madeleine Boothe from the Rever Center, Vanessa Pinney, Filip Nowicki, Prutha Atre and Liana Frey, is making important connections with collaborators and companies who can take Dartmouth technologies out of the lab and into the marketplace to improve energy, efficiency, and sustainability as we transition to solutions for climate change. During the conference, the delegation also had the opportunity to meet with noted author Bill McDonough, who is an alumnus of Dartmouth.

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Alumni speakers include Thad Hill, Tuck ’95, the CEO of Calpine, America’s largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources, who will discuss electrification; Abigail Ross Hopper ’93, the CEO of the Solar Energy Industry Association, who will talk about renewable energy supply chains; and Lee Taylor, Tuck ’12, CEO of REsurety Inc., speaking on maximizing and measuring carbon impact.

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