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Dartmouth Names Winner of Greenshot Accelerator Program

The team claimed the $75,000 prize for producing aerospace-grade carbon fiber through a process that sequesters carbon dioxide from often overlooked sources.

PFAS Exposure From High Seafood Diets May Be Underestimated

Dartmouth-led study suggests that people who frequently consume seafood may face an increased risk of exposure to PFAS, the family of ubiquitous and resilient human-made toxins known as “forever chemicals.”

Dartmouth Launches Climate Futures Initiative

The Climate Futures Initiative is a year-long effort to identify Dartmouth’s strengths and opportunities for climate scholarship and education locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi day from the Technology Transfer office. Our business development and licensing professionals have many talents! Delicious pie (not Pi) baked by Sr. Business Development and Licensing Manager Tammy Heesakker.

New NIH SBIR/STTR Proposal Assistance Grant

Are you a Dartmouth faculty member targeting NIH SBIR/STTR funding later this year? Strengthen your proposal with 30 hours of professional support from the experts at Tn Consulting, paid for by this new Magnuson Center grant. Apply by May 3.

Do Have an Idea for a New Digital Health Tool?

The Dartmouth Innovation Accelerator for Digital Health is a joint effort between the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health that provides innovators across Dartmouth with the support, entrepreneurial guidance, and infrastructure needed to translate their science-based digital therapeutics and digital health tools into the marketplace.


Dartmouth Takes on Global Energy and Climate Issues with Impactful Presence at CERAWeek 2023

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