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Recent Patents

Methods and Devices for Haptic Communication

This patent offers a new approach for haptic communication that could improve outcomes across a variety of applications such as improved prosthetic devices, remote teleoperation scenarios in hazardous environments, and better artificial vision systems for the visually impaired.

Dartmouth Inventors

John X. J. Zhang

High Affinity B7-H6 Antibodies and Antibody Fragments

Patent for antibodies and antigen-binding anti­body fragments that bind specifically to B7 homolog 6 (B7-H6) and, in some embodiments, with a higher affinity relative to previously available antibodies and antigen­binding antibody fragments that bind specifically to B7-H6.

Dartmouth Inventors

Margaret Ackerman, Casey Hua, and Charles Sentman

Systems and Methods for Non-Invasive Microwave Testing of Bottles of Wine

A system for non-invasive testing of wine bottles for use in determining if a wine has turned to vinegar, if it is the wine being advertised, and other concerns that would otherwise require opening the bottle.

Dartmouth Inventors

Paul Meaney and Timothy Raynolds

Instrumented Resistence Exercise Device

The patent provides devices, methods, and systems for recording a force profile generated by a subject performing resistance exercises.

Dartmouth Inventors

Emily Wechsler,
Ryan Halter, and John A.

Systems and methods for guiding tissue resection

The patent offers a novel patient-specific device for guiding tumor resection in breast tissue to better improve patient outcomes.

Dartmouth Inventors

Venkat Krishnaswamy,
Richard J. Barth Jr., MD, and
Keith D. Paulsen

Stacked Back Side-Illuminated Quanta Image Sensor with Cluster-Parallel Readout

This patent demonstrates a Quanta Image Sensor (QIS) comprising 3D vertically-stacked photosensor array and readout circuitry. In some embodiments, an imaging array comprises a plurality of single-bit or multi-bit jots, and readout circuitry in electrical communication with the imaging array and configured to quantize, for each jot, an analog signal corresponding to the electrical signal of the jot, wherein the imaging system is configured as a 3D vertically integrated circuit with the imaging array stacked vertically above the readout circuitry.

Dartmouth Inventors

Eric Fossum and Saleh Masoodian

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