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Senior Business Development
and Licensing Officer

Peter Knudsen

Peter Knudsen recently joined the Technology Transfer Office as an Interim Senior Business Development and Licensing Officer, where he will be responsible for identifying and evaluating life sciences technologies for potential commercialization. Previously, he worked at Patent GC as an Attorney in 2021, where he represented technology and academic clients in developing patent platforms for various products, including drugs, biologics, and genetically modified organisms.

Peter's experience involves patent procurement for academic groups in fields like immunotherapies, gene sequencing diagnostics, cancer models, and gene therapies for expression knockdown and immunomodulation.  Prior to Patent GC, Peter was at Baker Hostetler for two decades, conducting clearance and due diligence analysis for advisory opinions and IP strategy. Prior to Baker Hostetler, he served as Vice President of Intellectual Property for Nanotech Pharmaceutical and MDRNA, a NASDAQ-listed biotechnology company.

Peter's impressive academic background includes managing and directing research in molecular immunology and virology, as a faculty member at Columbia University and Harvard University. He is also admitted to practice in multiple states (Washington and New York) and courts, including the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

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